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Our Story

I-TECH FARMING SOLUTIONS (M) Sdn. Bhd. is a agriculture and agribusiness farming solutions working as a consortium with the experts of agricultural production, development & farming, resourceful consultants of different universities and dedicated skilled professionals in the field level agri project implementations, agribusiness and waste managements from India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Japan, Australia and China. We provide support and implement the project in the field of nature based organic/alternative farming, Horticulture, livestock, dairy, meat, fisheries, forestry, rural infrastructure & poverty reduction with economic empowerment, refinery, biofuel, clean energy, Safe environment project considering climate change impact, new IT technologies, trade in general import, export, supply of services, representation of companies and brands.

The key objectives of the company is to bring the next generation of farmers serving them with proper education in farming activities and using modern high technology in combination of nature based farming procedures through accommodating the rural poor farmers targeting to develop them as a self-employed and agri-entrepreneurial based projects. Our two pronged approach diverged on import technologies and machineries from developed countries to fulfill and minimize the gap for reaching optimum level of production and also to export the produces and products of the farmers from Africa to Malaysia, Australia, Europe and other developed countries. In general, all industrial, commercial and financial operations, securities and real estate that may relate directly and indirectly to the corporate purpose, or which may facilitate its realization.

Our Objectives
The use of sustainable production practices and technologies implies a more holistic view of agriculture sector production and its connection with natural resources. Such practice include crop & livestock integration, nature based farming, crop and aquaculture production and its diversification with connections among them to promote conservation and use of ecosystem services.
Support to establish a sustainable development process of technical, backward and forward market linkage support and facilitating financing frameworks for the broad range of local needs and contexts that support agriculture sector producers, traders and resource implementers engaged in dynamic process of innovations.

Create enabling frameworks for economically, socially and environmentally sound production system and adaptation of locally relevant technologies that represent resource use efficiency, diversification, climate change adoption and mitigation, ecosystem services and accessibility.
Vision for sustainable agriculture sector production systems requires integration across the sector and of social, economic and environmental considerations to increase efficiency, achieve higher productivity with reduced levels of inputs, minimizing negative externalities including pests, diseases and effect in climate change issues.

Approaching based on the premise that enhanced private and public sector business services, connected with an improved enabling environment lead to more competitive enterprises, sustainable economic growth, expanding market and trade, increasing the economic resilience of vulnerable rural communities and poverty reduction.
Building the next generation of farmers through educating them a proper knowledge in farming activities and provide know how the utilization of using high technology in combination of nature based farming procedures targeting to develop them as a self-employed and agri-enterprise based project.

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