Over years the farming techniques have changed tremendously. The modern farming is more about the technologically advanced techniques for farming as well as for fertilizers. Now farmers don’t have to work provide hard labor in their field; they have got advanced technology and machine for almost every task. Moreover, introducing the soil less farming like hydroponics, aeroponics & aquaponics are becoming popular as well as for its environment friendly support has granted its acceptance amongst those wanting to preserve our planet and stop the exploitation of the very land we depend upon. Being a facilitator and promoter of these farming techniques, we can ensure the movement towards a more health conscious society is on the rise, providing an unmeasured opportunity for both natural and organic based faming and gardening. With this, many are utilizing the benefits of composting and growing their own food with enhanced flavor and save money they benefit by doing it themselves. 

Picuture: Mr. Moorthi K A, Managing Director, I-Tech Farming Solutions, is nursing a hydrophonics rooftop.

This trend to protect and sustain our fragile planet is one that will continue to grow in the future. Through this approach not only are individuals growing their own food, but restaurants and even grocery stores have implemented their own gardening centers to offer fresh, local produce to their customers. They have heard the voice of the people wanting uncontaminated foods grown in their own community.

Basically, Mr. Moorthi KA the founder and Managing Director of I-TECH FARMING SOLUTIONS (M) Sdn. Bhd. is an expert in providing farming solutions & implements for the project in the field on nature based organic/alternative agriculture, agribusiness, waste managements, livestock, dairy, safe and clean energy, food waste biodigester to biogas, poverty reduction with economic empowerment based activities. He facilitates, to bring the next generation of farmers serving them with proper education in farming activities and using modern high technology in combination of nature based farming procedures through accommodating the rural poor farmers and academician targeting to develop them as a self-employed and agri-entrepreneurial with a one year practical farming certificate course in Malaysia for local and foreign students. He explores introducing organic fertilizer and pest repellent to protect the environment degradation in farming due to high proportion of calcium, phosphorous and potassium content dissolved by the conventional practices of farming due to use of chemical fertilizer and contaminated pesticides. In that connection, he is actively working with Gen Agritech, to promote the product of Biorepel, Dr. Soil, Farm Secure and BirdX for a safe and clean agriculture and pest management.

None the less, to protect the drastically usages of surface water in irrigation, as well as to increase the arable land in drought prone area particularly in Asia and Africa, Mr. Moorthi is working in association with the Naireeta Services Private Limited to introduce Bhungroo Straw technology. Bhungroo is United Nations Framework on Climate Change Convention (UNFCC) approved technology which is now using to save communities in draught-ridden as well as water-logged or flooded areas. This technology stores storm water underground, retains it in conformable subsoil strata, and injects the water back during lean periods. In areas with high salinity levels where vast areas of arid lands become uncultivable, Bhungroo filters the contaminated water.

We are building a world with a promising future!